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At The Buzzer: Reviews of Episodes 27, 28 and 29

These past three weeks have been a lot of fun, but have also involved abundant change revolving around how I handle producing the very first NBA radio program in the history of the St. Louis market. I certainly remain committed to this show, and look forward to doing it for many, many years - as [...]

At The Buzzer: Episode 19, 20 and 21 Reviews

One of the most relevant aspects to this radio show for me is that as I create new experiences and fulfill a nearly lifelong vision, I am enjoying something that cannot ever be taken away. The discoveries, conversations and related fulfillment keep growing and I’ll never look back at this venture into uncharted personal territory [...]

At the Buzzer: Episode 10 and 11 Reviews

It is a little past time for an update concerning the At the Buzzer radio show, so I am eager to get everyone caught up with the latest happenings. Now, “everyone” may be defined by family, friends and several listeners – or, perhaps, it is actually a mix of my brother, random Facebook fans and [...]

At the Buzzer: Episode No. 8 Review

For the second straight week, the show was not plagued by any technical issues. However, there were a few moments of concern during setup as a wicked thunderstorm blew through St. Louis in the hour proceeding the show. That made for a scary drive from Laclede's Landing (where the studio is located) to The Post, [...]

NBA Radio Show Debut

I will freely admit that the potential existed for an incredibly awful debut radio show. Being a first-time radio host facing numerous logistical and technical challenges amid a noisy, active environment while doing a LIVE broadcast was not easy. But, despite a few rough patches in the first 20 minutes I felt that I started [...]