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At The Buzzer: Reviews of Episodes 27, 28 and 29

These past three weeks have been a lot of fun, but have also involved abundant change revolving around how I handle producing the very first NBA radio program in the history of the St. Louis market. I certainly remain committed to this show, and look forward to doing it for many, many years - as [...]

At The Buzzer: Episode 19, 20 and 21 Reviews

One of the most relevant aspects to this radio show for me is that as I create new experiences and fulfill a nearly lifelong vision, I am enjoying something that cannot ever be taken away. The discoveries, conversations and related fulfillment keep growing and I’ll never look back at this venture into uncharted personal territory [...]

At the Buzzer: Episode 10 and 11 Reviews

It is a little past time for an update concerning the At the Buzzer radio show, so I am eager to get everyone caught up with the latest happenings. Now, “everyone” may be defined by family, friends and several listeners – or, perhaps, it is actually a mix of my brother, random Facebook fans and [...]

At the Buzzer: Episode No. 8 Review

For the second straight week, the show was not plagued by any technical issues. However, there were a few moments of concern during setup as a wicked thunderstorm blew through St. Louis in the hour proceeding the show. That made for a scary drive from Laclede's Landing (where the studio is located) to The Post, [...]

At the Buzzer: Episode 5 Recap

After each show that I have done, I expect input ranging from "Man, that was probably the worst radio show I've ever heard" ... to "Dude, you nailed it! That sounded awesome."
With the truth lying smack in the middle, and, to be honest, probably leaning toward the negative from someone with a neutral point-of-view that [...]

Cavaliers light up the night

While lamenting the actions of Kentucky GOP Sen. Jim Bunning, I suddenly caught myself reflecting on last night's Cavaliers game. First, I am glad that I actually stayed up and finished the game. As usual, I am a little backed up on DVR watching. With my current house hunting and job hunting efforts, combined with [...]

TNT could do so much better

Though they were slightly more tolerable on Thursday night than usual, I am very frustrated about the quality of Inside the NBA on TNT. I do respect Ernie Johnson, who does his best to hold the show together, and does so admirably. He tries to maintain a serious tone and consistently deliver useful information and [...]

Let it flow: Back to where it all began

Attempting to encapsulate what has transpired since I was last active in this space would not only be an exceedingly lengthy exercise, but of little interest to anyone. Over time, any significant life experiences and observations I need to share will slowly seep into whatever I decide to write, so with that in mind ....
I [...]