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At The Buzzer: Episode 19, 20 and 21 Reviews

One of the most relevant aspects to this radio show for me is that as I create new experiences and fulfill a nearly lifelong vision, I am enjoying something that cannot ever be taken away. The discoveries, conversations and related fulfillment keep growing and I’ll never look back at this venture into uncharted personal territory [...]

DVR guilt: This is kind of excessive

As I was just sipping on a  Goose Island India Pale Ale (a really good IPA, 5.9% and 55 IBU) I looked down and the word "Chicago" just popped out at me. I already knew this was a Chicago brew, but the fact that Brad lives there is still kind of new to me. I [...]

No Real Anger, but Reason to Vent

I am not overly frustrated by anything at the moment, but three pesky events are kind of gnawing at me:
1- I am the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise in my NBA fantasy sports league. It is the ONLY fantasy team I have, as I gave up fantasy baseball and football in recent years. I [...]