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These past three weeks have been a lot of fun, but have also involved abundant change revolving around how I handle producing the very first NBA radio program in the history of the St. Louis market. I certainly remain committed to this show, and look forward to doing it for many, many years - as long as I have an available, viable outlet.

I started a new, full-time sports editing position two weeks ago and now have to deal with planning this show with more limited hours in which to deal with the various tasks involved in putting this together each week. But, I’ll just keep offering the best I have, and hopefully I will have more feedback to look forward to in the near future.

I have been working with producers Jon Parker and David Cline, and each is a joy to work with. It is great to be able to have fun and relax in the Sports Radio 1380 studio, and put on the show with such agreeable and mellow personalities. Stress and tension can easily ruin the flow of a radio show, and when I look back at my radio career as a webmaster, this explains much of what I saw go awry behind the scenes.

So .... here is the latest:

Episode 27
-- Opening commentary, including perspectives on Rajon Rondo, LeBron James, David Lee and our NBA week in review.
-- Segment 2: An interview with ex-Missouri star Keyon Dooling. We re-visited his time at Missouri and the transition from Norm Stewart to Quin Snyder. Also, we talked about his Mizzou teammates, his 11-year NBA career and the memorable players that he’s played with in the NBA.
-- An interview with Denver Nuggets writer Jeremy Wagner. We discuss the latest news regarding Carmelo Anthony and break down the dynamics involving team president and ex-Missouri player, Josh Kroenke.

Episode 28
-- Opening commentary: Includes a preview of the show, my NBA week in review and commentary regarding the Miami Heat’s collapse vs. Utah, Kevin’s Love 31-31 game, Michael Beasley’s hot streak and the Pacers’ 54-point quarter.
-- An interview with New Orleans writer Ryan Schwan. We discussed the Hornets being the NBA’s final undefeated team, and exactly why they are much improved from last season. We also discussed Chris Paul, and New Orleans’ long-term outlook.
-- An interview with Lakers writer Darius Soriano, as we discuss LA’s hot start and outlook for the 2010-11 NBA season. We discuss LA’s top challengers, Kobe Bryant’s career and what to look for in the Western Conference.

Episode 29
-- Opening commentary: Includes discussion about the rare NBA perfect game from Matt Barnes, the amazing performance by Darko Milicic, the disappointing atmosphere at Miami Heat games, the underhanded method of FT shooting, a major David Lee update, Tim Duncan’s milestone and our NBA week in review.
-- An interview with Miami Heat writer Surya Fernandez. We discuss Heat fan’s reaction to early season losses, expectations concerning this team, how LeBron James is fitting in and the poor game atmosphere in Miami.
-- An interview with Orlando Magic writer Eddy Rivera. We discuss the burgeoning rivalry between the Orlando Magic and Miami Heat, the new arena in Orlando, and break down the play of Dwight Howard, Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis. We also examine what may lie ahead in the Eastern Conference this season.

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