At The Buzzer: Episode No. 26 Review

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It was a relatively smooth morning last Saturday, as I entered the studio excited about the show, the amazing Saturday that lay ahead and the illusion that Missouri football would be enjoying a monumental triumph later in the day. Well, the show and the weather remained enjoyable. As for the MU debacle, at least I had an abundance of my favorite beverages to get through that unfortunate experience.

I worked with producer Dave Cline again, and he did a great job of keeping the show's timing on schedule and working with me to stay on track. Plus, we had a pretty good time talking sports - and weight loss - during the lengthy pre-recorded interviews.

My opening commentary included a look at the new Miami Heat experience, LeBron James’ incredibly miserable turnover rate and very boring performance, and our NBA week in review. This allowed me to touch on why it’s really fun to watch the Golden State Warriors.

The second segment featured an interview with NBA writer Rob Mahoney, who covers the Dallas Mavericks and also writes for several well-known NBA outlets. We talked about the Mavericks and previewed the Southwest Division.

The show's third segment showcased my interview with NBA writer Royce Young, who covers the Oklahoma City Thunder and the NBA in general. We discussed my new favorite team, the Thunder, and Kevin Durant. We also spent a lot of time previewing the Northwest Division. For more information about this radio show, please click here.

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