At The Buzzer: Episode No. 25 Review

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This was a landmark episode, in the extreme relative sense of my radio show’s importance. I remember thinking after last week’s show that, regardless of the show’s future success, I have been on the air now for over six months and for 25 shows. These are achievements that may have little impact on the world outside of my scope, yet is exceedingly significant to my own lifelong goals.

The studio show that airs before mine on Sports Radio 1380 in St. Louis has been running close to 11am, so the transition to get on the air in a timely manner is very challenging. It’s kind of like radio’s version of a “double-switch”; a new host and a new producer have to switch places while staying focused on what needs to be done, both technically and regarding immediate audio content.

Once we got going, it was our usual routine as I was working with producer Jon Parker again. The Grateful Dead’s Shakedown Street segued into my opening commentary, which included a look at the strange final night of the preseason, random musings and NBA news. This included a Darius Miles update; Miles is, once again, a free agent.

The show’s second segment featured my quick-hit Pacific Division preview, and our interview with Phoenix Suns writer and NBA expert Seth Pollack. We broke down the new-look Suns, Amare Stoudemire’s departure, and the rest of Pacific Division.

The final segment showcased my interview with NBA writer Kevin Pelton, co-author of the “Bible of Basketball”, the Basketball Prospectus. We discussed the book, and the huge impact that advanced statistical analysis is having in the NBA community and with NBA management. Also, we completed our Pacific Division preview. The show wrapped up with my closing commentary, sign off and NBA Finals prediction. For complete information about this show, please click here.

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