Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

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  • Sometimes, I think guys get labeled as good defenders simply because they're lousy on the other end. Gotta be a reason they're in the L ... #
  • The Bogans signing doesn't do it for me. Never liked his game. Bulls still need shooting. #
  • The Rodney Dangerfield of Twitter. RT: @buzzbissinger Actually I have a terrific marriage with wife no. 3. She just doesn't know it. #
  • @AnnaUndercover Lewis Carroll. Nice. Henry Miller, my favorite writer, does a brilliant send-up of Carroll called "Jabberwhorl Cronstadt." in reply to AnnaUndercover #
  • A number of people in my stream are watching Jersey Shore. I'm having serious doubts about you people. #
  • Why does it seem like the Padres and Dodgers are wrapping up like an eight-game series? Do they play anyone else? #
  • Too f'n funny ... RT: @jazayerli Going bald is just one humiliation after another. Today's episode: I just got a mosquito bite on my scalp. #
  • RT: @Kevin_Goldstein Spent a lot of time sketching out a 25-man roster for 2013 #Royals results tomorrow at #
  • @Nick_NoHeart Exactly what it means. Yes! in reply to Nick_NoHeart #
  • @yanks08701 Last year was $19.95 for hard copy or $9.95 for pdf in reply to yanks08701 #
  • The Royals have designated Jose Guillen for assignment. Finally, KC will (mostly) field a lineup worth watching. #
  • At Basketball Prospectus: The books are back! #

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