At the Buzzer: Episode No. 13 Review

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Another show, another scare, though this time it had nothing to do with setting up a live remote. As I began to exit my vehicle to head into the studio last Saturday, I suddenly realized that I had the set of keys that did not have my station key. Doh!

When you are less than 45 minutes from a live radio show, this is somewhat harrowing. My mind was racing through the options. I knew that I could get back home and be back right around show time at 6pm. Not a good option, as I was preparing to work with a new producer and still needed to iron out a few things pre-show.

Thankfully, Producer John had a key and we were good to go. It looks like John and I will be able to work together for awhile, so this is exciting as I have had five different show producers in 13 weeks. That has attributed to most of the mistakes and loss of continuity. But things are looking brighter moving forward - though I still need to make more money doing this!

We had a brief delay at the show's onset as this was John's first live solo show, and we needed to work out the proper live channels and settings. No worries ... My first segment commentary focused on wrapping up my point of view regarding the LeBron James situation, encouraging listeners to check out my top two LBJ videos (his 55-point and 56-point games) and then switching all discussion to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat.

The final two segments featured interviews with Miami Heat writer Surya Fernandez from and Miami Heat writer David Dwork from We broke down the historic free agent signings, how the Heat roster is shaping up and whether head coach Erik Spoelstra is well-suited to handle this team. We also talked quite a bit about Pat Riley, the Miami team president. Consider Riley's achievements:

-- Head coach on 5 championship teams, and an assistant on another
-- NBA Coach of the Year three times
- -Head coach in the NBA All-Star Game nine times
-- Named one of 10 greatest coaches in the NBA history in 1996
-- As a player, he played for the Lakers' championship team in 1972

Lots of good content last week, and having a dedicated producer who is excited about this NBA show will help minimize any problems and I look forward to show No. 14 this week.

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